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Today we are going to talk about misconceptions about anal sex. We are going to tell you a few myths that might be totally wrong or even true. And we are going to debunk those myths about anal pleasure if they are wrong. 

The thing about anal sex is that it is not conventional so many people have many misconceptions about them. The fact is anal sex can be done without pain and also can be done safely. 

In fact, it is very easy to maintain anal hygiene and safety and engage in excellent anal stimulation. Some research papers even point out that it might be good for sexual health.

Although we are not going to be talking in detail about anything related to anal anatomy but this is going to be a very educating experience for all of our readers. 

So, let us look at some of the most common myths about anal sex as we try to find the truth behind those myths. 


  • MYTH 1: It is painful and harmful to have anal sex.

REALITY:  it is neither painful to have anal sex nor is it unhealthy to have anal sex. All you need to do is to keep a few simple things in mind.

Unlike the vagina which has its own lubrication, the anus does not have proper lubrication. That is why you must never do anal sex without lube. 

Since it is an unconventional way to do sex, you need to be gentle in the beginning. It is only pleasurable when both people enjoy it. 

You can always try foreplay when you are doing anal sex with your partner. This will dramatically improve the experience.

Unless you insert extremely big anal toys or something that you are not supposed to insert, anal sex is not harmful. If you do it gently and use good lubrication then you do not need to worry about anything. 

  • MYTH 2: Only gay men engage in anal sex.

REALITY: While it is a fact that gay men only prefer anal sex because that is what they can do in terms of penetration, that does not mean only gay men engage in anal sex. In fact, anal sex is so popular that a lot of couples engage anal sex. 

Every kind of couple can engage in anal sex because the anus is something that everyone has.  And it does not even matter if they have a penis because there are toys that can do the job.

And anal sex is also preferred by a lot of male and female couples simply because it is the safer option considering it will not lead to pregnancy. 

  • MYTH 3: Anal sex can lead to dangerous injuries to the anus and bowel movement.

REALITY: Proper anal sex that is done safely and with lubrication does not damage your anus.  The anus is designed in such a way that it can expand a lot.

The anal sphincter muscles have the capability to easily expand for anal toys or the penis.  However, couples must keep in mind that they should not use excessively large anal toys.

This is a fact about any kind of sex because if you are gentle enough and if you are careful enough then you can never get hurt during sex.

But if you become too excited to forget safety and basic carefulness then it might lead to discomfort and even injury. 

You must never insert anything sharp in the anus no matter how pleasurable it seems. Even something that is not smooth can cause minor tears to the anal walls. This may lead to bleeding and even cause infections. 

  • MYTH 4: Everybody enjoys anal sex once they try it.

REALITY: Reality is actually quite different. Not everybody likes anal sex and not everybody will like anal sex.

Sometimes it might be because of cultural reasons and sometimes it might be because of the nature of the sexual activity. Some people might find it disgusting and you must always respect their opinion.

Some people might find it dangerous and they are not very wrong because it requires careful attention to safety during sex. 

The result of a lot of surveys have concluded the same thing. It is that not everyone will find anal sex enjoyable after they try it. 

The feeling of pleasure during anal sex is somewhat different from the feeling during regular sex.  It is an acquired taste and not everyone is going to enjoy that experience.

That is one of the most important things you must do during anal sex is maintain proper communication with your partner. If your partner does not like it, you must never force it on them. 

  • MYTH 5: Anal sex is more prone to Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

REALITY: Yes, this is a fact. You have a higher chance of transmitting and contracting STDs and STIs with anal sex. 

While it is a matter of ongoing research as to the reason but we are going to try to explain the reason with the latest findings. 

It is said that you are more probable of contracting sexually transmitted diseases with anal sex simply because of the thin lining of the anal tissues. 

This means that while vaginal sex can also lead to sexually transmitted bacteria and viruses going into the bloodstream but the chances of it entering the body are more significant with anal sex. 

This is still quite a very new topic and there are excellent researches ongoing as we speak. 

We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand myths and misconceptions about anal sex.  And we also hope you are going to enjoy anal sex better now that you know more about it.

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