Today we are going to talk about men’s common sexual problems. There is no need to feel ashamed if you have sexual problems because it is actually very common among men. 

We need to do our part to talk more about male sexual problems. That is why we are going to talk about things like male sexual dysfunction and other common male sexual problems like premature ejaculation.

We are also going to talk about low libido as well as the entire thing with society and the result being performance anxiety. 

We are also going to talk about things like testosterone deficiency or even some things like lack of sexual desire. It is going to be a very interesting and educational blog, so let us get into it. 


  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)

This is probably one of the most common sexual problems faced by men. Understanding erectile dysfunction is simple. It is when men cannot maintain an erection.

This sexual dysfunction can also be when men cannot achieve an erection. There can be several reasons why it is the case and sometimes it can even be diabetes. 

It can even be due to cardiovascular issues which might also hint at a bigger health problem.  Doctors can even diagnose it as happening because of hormonal imbalances. 

However, sometimes it is not due to male infertility or even other physical reasons. Sometimes the reason for erectile dysfunction is just because of stress and psychological factors. 

Men can face erectile dysfunction because of anxiety and also crippling depression. There is nothing to be ashamed of erectile dysfunction and we would suggest you see the help of the best medical professionals you know. 

  • Delayed ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation is an orgasmic disorder that is also a very common condition faced by men around the world.

Delayed ejaculation is exactly what you think. It is when men find it difficult to reach orgasms and ejaculate. 

The primary thing to understand here is that delayed ejaculation can occur even after adequate sexual stimulation. Let us look at some of the reasons why this is the case. 

Delayed ejaculation can be because of psychological factors such as depression and anxiety.  Delayed ejaculation can also be because of certain medications. 

One of the other common reasons for delayed ejaculation can be physical factors such as nerve damage etc. 

  • Premature ejaculation (PE)

Premature ejaculation is when men experience ejaculation and climax very early on during sex.  This is mostly a psychological issue and it can be because of a lack of sexual confidence.

Premature ejaculation is very rarely a medical issue and it is mostly in the mind that causes this to happen. One of the reasons why premature ejaculation is a thing is because of society’s expectations of men.

Men are expected to last longer and anxiety and tension can lead to quick ejaculation. Sometimes it can be because of increased sensitivity as well.

The only thing we have to tell you about premature ejaculation is that there is no need to feel shame. 

Sex is not a competition. All you need to do is to take your time and just enjoy. It is not about performance. 

  • Low Sex Drive

Low sex drive is not typically something experienced by young men but it is mostly experienced by older men. 

Low sex drive is not among sexual pain disorders and it is actually very common and there can be multiple reasons for it. 

One of the most common reasons for low sex drive is because of certain medications. These medications can even cause things like hormonal imbalance and low testosterone. 

Sometimes low sex drive can be purely psychological and it can be because of stress as well as depression. 

Whatever the reason may be, you should never feel bad about low libido and sex drive. If you are facing low sex drive then it means you have other important things to worry about in your life. 

  • Dry Orgasm

The name might be able to reveal what this is all about. Dry orgasm is not something very common but it is also not very rare. 

Everything about the orgasm feels the same when it comes to dry orgasm but there is just no sperm at the end of the climax. 

A dry orgasm is when you reach orgasm or climax without any ejaculation or sperm. This is purely due to medical reasons or it can even be due to taking some specific medications. 

  • Peyronie’s disease

This is purely a medical condition where it can be very painful. This is when fibrous scar tissues develop within the penis. This causes the penis to not have a proper erection.  

Sometimes it is categorised by the election being in one direction rather than towards the centre.

This may lead to great difficulties during intercourse and can result in a painful erection. The only true solution that we can provide you is to seek the help of a medical professional and get it diagnosed. 

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Men face sexually transmitted diseases and are prone to these diseases just like women. There can be multiple kinds of sexual diseases and some can be bacterial infections like Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea and Syphilis.

Sometimes it can be viral infections such as Genital Herpes caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). When this happens, the symptoms can be anything from painful blisters to itching and tingling. 

Sometimes STDs can even be from the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Infection. HPV is usually in the form of warts near the entire male genital area. Sometimes there can even be no symptoms for certain types of HPV infections. 

Sometimes sexually transmitted diseases can also be in the form of something very dangerous like AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). 

This is caused by HIV or the human immune deficiency virus. This virus is very bad for the immune system. 

These were a few of the most common sexual problems and disorders faced by men. We hope you do not encounter any of them and we also hope you seek the best medical help if you encounter them. 

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