Drew: Best Male Silicone Sex Doll

Drew is the best male silicone sex doll for a reason.

The silicone-made hunk is the perfect illustration of the perfect male specimen. We mean, we are not gay, but he’s one we would run to if we were. Everything from the glossy black hair to the well-chiseled face, broad chest, masculine arms, and visible six-pack makes him attractive.

The all-silicone male sex doll looks super realistic. The designers paid attention to detail with the toned body and real skin-like finish. Even the most minor details like the freckling knuckles and pumped calves were executed flawlessly.

Notably, you can choose between two penis sizes when buying Drew. Whether you want a standard 6 inches or the massive 9.8 inches option – choose your battles. The dicks also vary in girth, with the small one clocking in at 4.9 inches and the other 6.9 inches. And the best part is the penis is made to feel like an erect dick – a little bendable but overall stiff.

Something else I loved is it also comes with two orifices, a functional mouth, and an ass hole. This way, you can enjoy a long hard dick as a sub or a pair of enticing oral and anal orifices as the dom.

So, if you’re looking for the best silicone sex doll for women and gay men, Drew is the top pick. Besides the silicone material, Drew features impeccable artistic work with a well-toned body, complete with a huge penis. And the best part about it is you can choose between two dick sizes.

Weight: 123.5 lbs / 56 kg

Height: 5ft9 / 176 cm

Penis Length: 6″ (15 cm) – 9.8″ (25 cm)

Penis Girth: 4.9″ (12.5 cm) – 6.9″ (17.5 cm)


Handsome male sex doll.

The well-toned body brings out the masculine vibe.

Oral and anal capabilities.

Two dick sizes are available.

Fully customizable model.


Expensive – $3,999.

Top 2 Hiding Solutions for Your Sex Doll

If you find yourself wanting to keep your real love doll hidden, there are various creative solutions you can consider. These methods not only provide effective hiding spots but also help ensure the doll remains discreetly stored and protected.

  1. Closet

One of the most common and effective ways to hide a sex doll is by simply using the space in your closet. Closets provide a discreet and secure location, as guests are unlikely to explore them without a specific reason. They are small, dark, and private areas that are just perfect for easily concealing your doll. The only condition is that your closet is big enough to accommodate a realistic sex doll that features human-like size and weight. You can store your doll in a vertical position by the wall of your closet, especially if your doll has the standing feet feature, place it on a shelf or in a storage container within the closet.

  1. Under the Bed

Another inconspicuous hiding spot for a sex doll is under the bed. If there is enough space between the floor and the bottom of your bed, you can discreetly slide or tuck the doll underneath. Make sure to secure your doll’s delicate TPE or silicone skin, as it may get damaged when trying to fit your doll under the bed – you can cover your doll with a blanket or put her on a soft floor mat.

To further ensure that the doll remains unseen, you can place bags or personal belongings in front of it. This extra layer of concealment will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your doll won’t be accidentally discovered by guests reaching down to pick up something from the floor.